The sad, unwarranted decline of rock music on FM radio



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    At work it's radio and I listen to the local "rock" radio station. They have a great morning show, but wow the last years it has gone form a rock radio station to pop rock at best. Today they were promoting the Jay Z and Beyonce tour...crazy
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    rgambs said:
    Rock radio is dead because they have been playing the same 3 ACDC, Def Leopard, and Van Hagar songs 10 times a day for 30 years.
    Couldn't agree more. The main mainstream rock station in Australia is Triple M and they get by on a steady diet of AC/DC, GnR, Queen, a few great 80's Oz bands and not much else. Then when they do play a new song, they smash it for 3-4 months. They do play PJ, Foos  and Nirvana, but it ALWAYS the same songs. Play some new shit!!! I've started listening to Triple J, which is  an alternative station aimed at the 15-25 yr bracket and whilst some of the music is terrible, 90% of what they play is brand new and they have no ads (government funded)
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    Here in New Zealand we have similar issues with the rock radio stations, one is literally called ‘The Rock’, it’s very repetitive and after about 2 hours you’re sick of it. The Hauraki station is slightly better, funny dj’s loads of good banter, a broader music pallet, from for example, The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers to Tool, Soundgarden and Oasis with some older hip-hop, but not very much. Very repetitive too, so you tire of that easily, plus all the stupid ads. I’ve recently brought a ‘Digital Gateway’ amp which streams internet radio stations and it’s really great. You can choose from a huge range of stations worldwide, whichever genre or sub-genre you like, rock, punk, electronic, grunge, dance, rap, certain decades, latin, alternative, classical, whatever floats your boat. A constant of quality new music and zero ads or dickheads talking over everything. This is where decent radio is at...
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