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I just wanted to try to express some of my impressions of my 'Pearl Jam - Tour Du California'. I know there are specific threads for specific reviews... but, this really isn't a review... more like an overview of my past experience.
Now, I'm not one to venture out too far... partly due to time and money constraints. I picked California because there were going to be 7 shows in this state... all within reasonable distances to hit. I love living near the ocean, where we can tell the changing of the seasons by the ballgames being played on the television. The ocean energises me and helps to center me and she lets me know how insignificant I am in the big picture... yet, how unique we all are in it.
I first started to get excited on the drive down to Sandy Eggo... at about San Juan Capistrano. I saw the AmTrak go past and it reminded me of riding the Surfliner to the Radiohead concert a couple of weeks previous. Once I saw Coldie and Chuck sitting outside the venue and the Ten Club Window and the merchandise tables setting up, I was ready for this tour.
I was fortunate enough to see all of the California shows and Sandy Eggo was a great way to kick it off. I went in with absolutely no expectations or what they would open with or what they would play or any of that. I hadn't been following the tour from the Synergy site up to this point, so I didn't know much about setlists or what was going on. It worked out well, because I was totally blown away. It was like the whole experience was fresh again... like discovering something new, when it was really reaffirming why I love this band so much. I tell myself that it is the great Pacific Ocean that inspires them... whether it's true or not... it's what I like to tell myself it is.
And honestly, I thought that the ensuing shows in L.A. were going to be a bit of a let down after that show. Boy, did I blow that call. L.A. was amazing and the audience really surprized me. I was expecting the typical Dodgers fans, sitting there, more worried about the beer line than the show and bailing out after the 7th Inning. Again, a totally blow call on my part. Both shows were fantastic. And having the entire reunion of friends in full force only added to the experience.
The Fonda show was another surprize. I honestly didn't think any of us would get in. When Pearl Jam hit the stage and the guy that was first in line for will call was still first in line outside. I figured that maybe 20 or 30 people would get in and my hope dimmed... dimmed, but didn't die.
When we all got in... I cannot express the feeling of elation, risen from the depths of despair that I felt. It was such a great feeling... especially when it only cost me the 8 bucks to park the car.
Santa Barbara was a nice break... a real Northern California feel, even though it is technically Southern California. The acoustic opening set was nice and reminded me of beach camping. It was a great way to lead me into the final stop... San Francisco.
Being kind of a lazy guy, I opted to fly instead of driving. Upon arrival I went down to the Bill Graham Auditorium to check it out... I stayed there til Tuesday.
It is kind of difficult to sort things out... the days and nights blend together into this dreamlike swirl. But, the shows are deeply engrained into my memory. I don't know about you, but this was the very first time I was able to be right along the railling and the excitement of that alone was indescribable. For the first time, I had an unobstructed view from the first row of this band... truely amazing.
My initial plan was to get a rail spot at least one night... once that was done, I'd kick back up in the balcony and enjoy the show from there. That plan got scrapped after Night I. I changed my plan to get the second night up close and spend the last night in the balcony, after sleeping in a nice, clean hotel room. That plan got scrapped, too. I figured, since this would possibly be my only opportunity to see the guys up close, I had to jump on it.
I remember hearing the opening notes of 'Yellow Ledbetter' on Tuesday night and knew it was time to say good-bye. But, not a sad good-bye, but one where you know you'll feel this way again. All of those memories swept across me... from tacos with friends to parking lots and pizza and sidewalks and asking Kelly Slater for an extra ticket and tamborines lost and tamborines found and moonlit drives along the Pacific and being hypnotized by watching McCready's hands to smiles all around, from the stage to the crowds... everything. Sleep deprived and all... ending my participation in the 2006 tour with 3 nights from the rail was definately a high point. I will happily go back to my Ten Club seats (which ain't that bad), knowing I have all of these great memories I can, hopefully, carry with me til the end.
And I have to add the fact that the people around me completed the entire experience. I know that we all share the same feelings for the music... otherwise, we wouldn't have slept out in the cold Bay Area nights. I know that even if they only feel a small percentage of the love I feel for them, they are completely happy. I know that I solidified my past friendships and made wonderful new friends at the same time.
So, I drag my bicycle out and get back to the ocean to reflect... and because it is so fucking hot out here right now. My little experience those 2 weeks in July really means nothing to her... but, I'd like to think she's happy for me.
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    GREAT Post Cosmo, sounds like you had an awesome time!!!
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