you know.....this is my wishlist.....

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I wish my day didnt have his rare bone disease, one that restricts him to a wheel chair, i wish i fished with my dad, i wish i camped with my dad, i wish i went hunting with my dad, i wish i golfed with my dad, i wish my dad could play with his grandson on the floor, i wish my dad knew how much i loved him... i wish my dad knew what he meant to me, i wish i it was me and not you dad... I love you Dad!

You are the strongest person i look up to..... you are my hero DAD. ... re=related
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    Very moving story my friend and kind and true wishes..He looks to be a true hero,you most be proud to have him as a dad and on the other hand he should be proud to have a son like you...And i quess he is..

    Thanx for sharing and sending thoughts and prayers to the both of you..
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