Any love for Thrice?

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I've been a huge fan of Thrice for ages now. Major/Minor is the best record i've heard this year so far. They are
a really prolific band and evolve with every record they release. Also they are a great live band and in some ways remind me of Pearl Jam, not musically, but in their beliefs and what they stand for as a rock band.
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  • Simply put, yes, been a fan for a longgg time now.

    Really enjoy the new album. For awhile when I was first listening to the vinyl, I was thinking it may be their finest yet. After a week or two with it now, I'm not as sure I feel that to be the case (think Beggars still beats it, I think) but I am indeed liking it a lot.

    Very valid point about how the bands are kind of similar. Thrice just have always done what they've wanted to do; the prime example being jumping ship from Island to self-release TAI because they wanted to do things their own way. Lots of respect for those gents, and as you said, their live show has gotten very respectable.
  • Huge fan of Thrice. I haven't had time to listen to Major/Minor yet. Hopefully today. I still consider Vheissu their best album, with Beggars right behind.
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    I love Thrice, and I finally got Major/Minor yesterday and like it a lot. I pretty much like everything Thrice has put out to some degree, even with all the various styles they have. Vheissu is what got me into them and is probably my favorite album of theirs still, while Identity Crisis is my least favorite.

    They do put on a good live show, next Monday will be my 3rd time to see them and I'm pretty pumped!
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    My sister's a huge fan and has been trying to get me into them for years. We saw them live a couple years ago and I do remember them being a really great live band. I'll have to try them out again!
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    Did everyone see this? Last tour for a while it seems... ... 330031470&
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    I caught them in an opening role back in 03, but never did get around to checking out their albums.
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    When I first heard them a few years ago (probably more like 6), I wasn’t really feeling it. But the album To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere has me hooked currently.
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