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Instant Thoughts (add yours too if you like)



  • Noise cancelling devices...
    Not a bud has been disturbed in the lessoning
    Tone tempo and...groove 
    Just for you...
    No one else hears ordinance defies it à plenty of worth....mellow has it's way with the left side of the occupied brain...fetal position ready to catch plant crops agiain and again and again three times a charm l....
  • rollingsrollings unknownPosts: 7,122
    September 2010 Flag
    i want alice in chains
    under my bed
    in the closet
    and down the hall
    spare bedroom

    i want alice in chains
    under my bed
    all the songs under there
    holding on

    i want chains
    hollow and ridiculous
    upside the head

    real bad too
    you were friends i never had
    eye to eye
    i want some chains
    never looked in all those eyes
    heard the tunes
    loved the speaker waves
    you were friends i never had
    eye to eye
    i'd like some chains
    i'd like me some chains upside the head

    chains chains
    alice in chains
    chains always chopped better rails
    alice in chains

    mirrors knew razor blade songs
    just a hollow pen
    not really poetry
    more like chasing lines
    for the head
    chains under bed
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