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**** Ottawa Fanviews Here 9/14/11 ****



  • I know this is a long shot but does anyone have an extra Mike guitar pic from one of the shows that they would like to part with. Would like to frame it with one of my ottawa, hamilton or Toronto 1- 2 posters and ticket.

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  • Ottawa was the second concert of the tour that I attended, and I absolutely loved every moment! I was sitting next to a woman who was seeing PJ for the first time, and halfway through the first set, she leaned over and said to me, "Could I bum a ride with you to Hamilton if I can get a ticket to the show?" She told me later she was completely blown away by the entire experience.

    During this concert, three of my favorite songs were played (Wishlist, Inside Job, and Off He Goes) and I was absolutely thrilled to hear them! It was very special hearing Ed's shout out to Laura before Wishlist too. Kudos to you, Laura, for all you have done and continue to do.

    When "The Real Me" started up, I almost lost it. Having been a Who fan for over 40 years, this song meant a lot to me. Thank you, PJ, for that one!
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  • As someone who grew up in Ottawa, I'm pretty used to the complaints about the Ottawa crowds. I admit, they usual are much, much too laid back and subdued - makes us a great city to visit, but doesn't help for a concert atmosphere. That's why I couldn't believe it in Montreal - the crowd was so LOUD - I get chills just thinking about it. Anyway, I really didn't find them all that bad last Wednesday night in Ottawa. Although the people around me were rockin' out (and so was I as always - I never let a crowd stop me), so I can't complain! :D

    I grew up in Kanata (where the venue is), with the band standing about 2 minutes from the house I grew up in (and where I would spend many a day in my room as a teenager with the door closed, blinds drawn, listening to PJ). So it is always special to me when they play here.....and I hope 6 years do not go by until they do it again!!

    I can't thank the band enough for 20 years of keeping me sane through their music. I literally grew up listening to them - from my first show in '93 to now. The highlight for this one was Off he Goes.....I had been waiting to hear this one as it means a lot to me for many reasons - I was ecstatic when I heard it - thank you PJ!!! :D:D

    And RVM just blew my mind!! My husband had stepped out for a beer as it was playing, and in my head was thinking, damn he's missing this!!! But then he came back holding a poster,'s all good ;) He was just a casual PJ fan before and after this show and Montreal too he's a die-hard now (even talking about joining 10C too). :thumbup: Breath was also amazing!! I would have loved to hear State, but this was next best. And Just Breathe....such a pretty song anyway, but hearing it live, just makes it more beautiful. Whipping also...... another meaningful one for me, and unexpected.

    Thanks again Pearl Jam, you continue to rock my world!!!! Thank you for doing what you do, and doing it better than anyone!

    And cheers to Wednesday's always feeling like Friday nights! :D
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  • I'm a 231xxx and I am from Colorado. My family has a cabin up on a lake near the NY/CA border, and so my vacation was Ottawa and then a week at the lake. I just got back.

    I was psyched to just get tickets after all the problems we had back in May. When the lovely 10C woman handed me mine, she said, "Second row center, not bad." I started shaking and didn't even think to thank her. The woman behind me laughed and said, "Careful, you might get rolled for those."

    I hyperventilated a minute, ran back to my car, hyperventilated some more, and told my husband "Well, the tickets weren't quite where I was expecting." I showed them to him and he thought they were a misprint.

    I'd have been psyched just to be on the floor and rocking out with my eyes closed, which is what I normally do since I'm half midget.

    I will never attend a better show than I got that night. It was literally the highlight of my existence. I know some long-time 10Cers don't like the lottery, and yeah, some people who aren't obsessed might not rock out as hard as a long-time member, but all I can say is thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my soul. I still shake when I think about that night, get a big grin, and any grumpiness I have fades away.

    Anyone willing to part with a pick? I'm framing that big bad poster with my tickets. Even better, Mookie Blaylock went to my college. It was just the most perfect night, everything came together like a dream.

    And the setlist? Breath was my Holy Grail song. I never figured I would hear it live, and to hear it live from the second row, spitting distance from Ed...

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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    Guy's, remember being in the first 6 or so rows in front of Mike that night? There was a moment (well, he does this all the time but nothing like what I saw in Ottawa) where he threw out a whole handful (or was it with both hands) full of guitar pics. Our whole section went to the floors with nobody standing. lol. Good times!!
  • the real me is my fave cover song that pj do=made this show epic for me
    absolutely still love how jeff nails the ox's opening solo on this song
  • I also love when PJ do The Real Me, but my favorite Who cover that they do is Love Reign O'er Me. Whenever I hear that one, it sends shivers down my spine-hope to be there to hear it live someday! :D
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  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 68,317
    Year ago tonight! Fuckin' eh!! 8-)

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