Sperry LB, Emek SB & Playing Cards for expo passes

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Each poster and playing cards if you have a pair of expo passes for either night.
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    Can someone remind me what the expo passes get you again. Thanks.
    "thru extensive negotiations we managed to get the curfew moved back..... we still don't have any time to fu&k around...."

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    Each poster if you have a pair of expo passes for either night.
    I'd love one of your 3 extra Sperry's. I just don't want to pay the $90 you have them listed for on EBay . I thought we were here to help each other out? Come on man hook a brother up.
  • usamamasan1usamamasan1 Posts: 4,695
    Updated offer to both posters and EV playing cards if anyone wants to get rid of a pair of expo passes.
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