ISO: Munk One EV Chicago Night 1 AP

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I missed out on the Munk One sale and am trying to find an AP of the 2011 EV Chicago night 1 print.

I can pay CASH or have a few other posters to trade (I can also add a few bucks to even out these trades):

EV 2011 Perth AP - Klausen
Pearl Jam SLC 2009 (White edition) AP - Klausen
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  • Nice offer!! Don't pass this one up all you Lost Dogs!!
  • parkdropperparkdropper Posts: 178
    In case you still need one:

    INVISIBLE_IND Invisible Industries
    FYI: We will be posting any extra (canceled orders) of S/N EV CHICAGO Nights 1&2 on Friday the 15th,10am PST for $55 (much less than EBAY)
  • PJ-CubsPJ-Cubs Posts: 3,152
    Bump to stay on page 1.

    Still searching for an AP of this print...
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