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Just a shot in the dark here - but does anyone have any connections or any helpful information they could pass onto me about attaining discharge papers? We are planning on doing military honors at my grandfather's funeral and we need his discharge papers for whom ever would perform these duties, and let's just say my pop's wasn't the most organized man. So, low and behold, I can't find his hard copy, and am now dealing with countless faxes that "aren't showing up" at this government archives place in St. Louis, so it might not end up happening because they send these doc's back in the mail on a 24-72 hour turnaround, and the funeral is Saturday. Everything about the gov't is a pain in the balls, and I feel as if it's purposely made that way. Aaaaaanyway, if anyone does have any useful information beyond faxing or contacting them(maybe an inside contact possibly?), a PM would be much appreciated. I know, I know, huge shot in the dark, but I figured I'd exhaust all outlets.
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    sorry to hear about your grandfather. wish i could help you out.
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    sorry to hear about your grandfather. wish i could help you out.
    same here jearl. Take care buddy.
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    What service was he? If I missed it sorry, you can always try a local Military branch and thier administrative office to help you, usually the bases have some sort of Honor Guard to do funerals. I use to do Military Honors, also the VA and of course the archives in St. Louis. You will need the death certificate for sure, but I would contact the nearest Military base.
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    Check with your local military base or maybe someone at a local recruiting office can help.
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    Thanks, fellas. Think I got it squared away, but now it's a matter of how fast they expedite this shit. Fingers crossed to have this all squared away in time for Saturday...
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    My sympathies on the loss of your grandfather. I hope you get everything sorted in time.
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    I've wondered that myself. I was told to get a certified copy and file it at my local courthouse, which I did when I got out. So this little courthouse in this small town outside of Austin has a copy of my discharge papers (DD 214). I guess I should do that again where I live currently? I don't know. Sorry to hear about grandpa. Let us know how it turned out.
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