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Best PJ show of '98?



  • 6/24/98 RAPID CITY, SD

    It's the only show they have ever done in the great state of SD!

    That was a great show! Despite being a fan from the beginning, this was my first PJ live experience. I have never looked at live music the same way since. As for what made the show unique, it was the first time they ever played the 3 "man" songs in a row (at least that's what Eddie said anyway).
    1998: Rapid City, Kansas City
    2000: Kansas City
    2003: Council Bluffs
    2006: Denver 1, Denver 2
  • pulaskipulaski Posts: 259
    i was at both msgs and both mansfields that yet, i gotta say the msg where breathe made its return was great, but seeing Ed's performance of GTF in mansfield where he was balling crying during the song brought tears to my eyes. that was quite an emotional night, i pick mansfield
  • Maui or Missoula...I think the worst was probably Fresno
    If you were my friend, I'd give you the ball on every play.
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