Do you think you could get a front row seat through ticketmaster?

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Especially if you buy a single ticket...don't you think you could get a really sweet seat?
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  • dawngdawng Posts: 644
    Not a chance. those tickets are long gone already - to people that know the band, work at the venue (or ticketmaster), VIPs, etc. Hell, I couldn't even get a ticket in the first 40 rows at the Rush show at the Gorge and I was online the moment that tickets went on sale.
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    i would imagine those are for the packages being auctioned for charity.
  • i'm_an_ear wrote:
    Especially if you buy a single ticket...don't you think you could get a really sweet seat?

    probably not front row...but absolutely a sweet seat! singles ARE the way to go for that. 10c sells PAIRS...most people go with others....and there ARE venues with odd numbers of seats per rows, and usually when buying multiple tix, sold next to each great singles do exist!

    now i am reaching back...and not really a 10c show, but: holmdel NJ 2003. was an 'added' show, so no 10c sale. however, msg II that year was oversold with 10c tix, so 10c offered a deal...give up your msg II tix...and you got 10c tix to holmdel. i jumped at it, b/c knowing msg was oversold, with my shite #...i knew i'd either get bumped, or be sitting in the toilets. got me 11th row at holmdel and i simply bought a 10c spare for msg II! :D but i digreess. point is, there were ALL 10clubbers in the front...and yet....there were 'singles' mixed in, sold on TM. i know, b/c a friend bought one.

    point is: it IS possible!
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  • rriversrrivers Posts: 3,667
    I'd be happy just to get a ticket in the building.
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    Best I ever got off TM for PJ was 5th row, and yes, that was a single.
  • I got lucky last year for the Velvet Revolver/ Alice in Chains show and got second row/ center stage right in front of Weiland at 10:01 when tickets went on sale. So yes it can happen. Maybe it was a fluke a some scalpers card wouln't work a the last second.

    But it did happen.
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  • I got a fifth row ticket to petty and pearl jam in milwaukee a couple of years ago through ticketmaster. the best part is it was the day of the show. and it was a single ticket. it was way off to the side, so pretty sure it was a ticket that was released after the stage was setup.
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