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Live on Ten Legs - Song List with Venues and Dates?



  • PJ_SoulPJ_Soul Vancouver, BCPosts: 48,161
    RS151862 said:

    I don't know if there's another thread, but here's the venues and dates for LO2L...

    Oh, duuuhhh. Sometimes I forget that wikipedia exists. although I could have sworn that I google searched it maybe a year ago and got no result... Anyway, thank you! :)
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  • 2 Legs is a 1000x better than 10 Legs. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

    Instead of 10 Legs, they should've put out a Best Of for each tour (or at least maybe some of those tours). For example, a single or double album for Canada '05 (or whenever that was when they played all dinky venues) would've been radical!
  • cp3iversoncp3iverson Posts: 7,517
    edited August 2015
    I remember a "making up for lost time here....thanks for waitin!" quote before a song on LO2L came from 8/28/98 Camden. Funny to see a show just represented by a quote
  • rwrussorwrusso Posts: 17
    smanchac1 said:
    Unthought known is from 5-20-2010 New York. I knew instantly because I listened to th boot alot. If I'm wrong please correct me but I'm almost certain.
    I can't confirm that it's Berlin (I trust that it is, but I don't have that version handy).  I can confirm it's not 5/20/10 New York.  at 0:14 Eddie says something, which isn't in the Live on Ten Legs track.
  • refresh: what is in the cover art? This is very strange.
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