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Iso: Toronto boots (pre-2009)

Gibson72Gibson72 Posts: 1,245
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Willing to trade or buy
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  • I have 2000, 2003, and 2005
  • Gibson72Gibson72 Posts: 1,245
    Looking for 5/9/06
    Lost my boot & computer lost it too.
  • Sorry man, was unable to make the 2006 shows. Too bad, night 2 would have been a sweet birthday present for me.
  • starmap3333starmap3333 Posts: 3,865
    just go to and download them.
    Ithaca, NY-11/6/91 SPAC, NY-8/4/92 Rochester, NY-4/7/94 Toronto-9/21/96 Buffalo, NY-10/1/96 Barrie, ONT-8/20/98 Pittsburgh, PA- 8/25/98 Jones Beach, NY-8/23/00 Jones Beach, NY-8/24/00 Jones Beach, NY-8/25/00 SPAC, NY-8/27/00 Buffalo, NY-5/2/03 MSG-7/8/03 MSG -7/9/03 Hamilton, ONT-9/13/05 Albany, NY-5/12/06 Cleveland, OH-5/20/06 Camden, NJ-5/27/06 East Ruth, NJ-6/3/06 Chicago, IL-8/5/07 Bonnaroo-6/14/08 MSG-6/24/08 MSG-7/25/08 Mansfield, MA-7/30/08 Chicago, IL-8/23/09 Philly, PA-10/30/09 Philly, PA-10/31/09 Buffalo, NY 5/10/10 MSG 1&2 5/20-21/10
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