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ISO RVM/Benaroya Hall Vinyl

pjpitt89pjpitt89 Posts: 1,479
edited February 2011 in Lost Dogs
I know it's a long shot, but these are the final 2 vinyl items I need to finish my collection, consider it my holy grail. They both go for a ton on the dreaded bay and everywhere else and I understand why. I'd obviously rather have Benaroya if I had my choice but it's also at least twice the price.

If anyone has an opened copy of either of these in great shape for a reasonable price please let me know. I'm getting a little crazy and thinking of buying myself a wedding present.....wonder what my wife to be will think :?

9/1/00, 4/28/03, 7/5/03, 7/6/03, 7/12/03, 10/1/04, 9/28/05, 5/27/06, 5/28/06, 6/1/06, 6/27/08, 6/30/08, 8/7/08 (EV), 6/12/09 (EV), 10/27/09, 10/28/09,10/30/09, 10/31/09, 5/21/10, 6/15/11 (EV), 9/2/12, 7/19/13, 10/21/13, 10/22/13, 10/27/13, 4/28/16, 4/29/16, 8/7/16, 11/4/16 (TOTD), 8/18/18, 8/20/18
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