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A+ people you can buy and trade from 700 listed members



  • javis el errantejavis el errante Buenos AiresPosts: 6,130
    mtranfo wrote:
    PJINFLA wrote:
    Recently had a good experience with a purchase of a PJ shirt from
    the 2013 South American tour from Javis El Errante. He gave me
    several updates during the shipping process from Argentina and checked
    to make sure I received and was happy with the item.

    Same experience with Javis El Errante. He sold me a shirt I couldn't get during the gig at a very reasonable price..and bring it to my job.
    Kudos to him! :D:D

    thank you very much fellas...
    ... I am not in the business of being liked anymore ...

  • branscopbranscop Posts: 1,163
    Paulina87 wrote:
    another shout out for branscop, very nice person to trade with :)
    Paulina87 is stll awesome!!! Thanks for helping me out!!
  • RobbyD462RobbyD462 Victoria BCPosts: 4,744
    Just completed a deal with "mackman"
    Great communication,friendly and easy to deal with! :)

    Can you please add him to the List.
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  • elwayvedderelwayvedder South JerseyPosts: 8,577
    So many folks to mention but one that stands out is GR115938. Greg is a huge supporter of Operation Yellow Ribbon of SJ and I appreciate him!
  • PJForceofNaturePJForceofNature Posts: 3,087
    lowlighter is a great buyer! We had some wonderful message exchanges, and I'm so glad his hoodie arrived safely and he likes it so much!! :D:D
    "A beacon on dry land"
  • lowlighterlowlighter Posts: 300
    Dangit looks like PJForceofNature beat me to it. Great transaction with PJForceofNature! Definitely A++

    And yes I do LOVE my hoodie :D
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  • juddboz80juddboz80 Posts: 2,138
    Mcgriff10 is a super stand up guy around here.....I made a large purchase from him and these items were describled extremely accurate as far as condition and merch info.....this is my 2nd purchase and everything I've bought from him was in the best condition just like he described.....he is great at communicating and well as packaging and shipping....I highly recomend him and completely trust his word on everything!!!!! He is truly a great member of the faithful and its people like him that make this forum suck a great place!!!!! Thanks Mike, now get your ass to Wrigley so I can buy you some beers while we rock out to the best band on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cant buy what i want cause its free....
  • robthepjfan gets a :thumbup: from HFD.
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  • stickmanstickman Posts: 945
    Had a GREAT/ FANTASTIC transaction with cojobo.

    Item arrived as described and pretty quickly too!!

    Thanks Man!!! :)
  • moretonbayfigmoretonbayfig Australia Posts: 805
    High praise for frontspacer - excellent communication and prompt payment from him. Very laidback and cruisey sale. Highly recommended A +++ :D
  • elvistheking44elvistheking44 Posts: 3,592
    Rumor has it that the OP of this thread and moderator has at least 10 outstanding bad deals.....some dating back to 2011, before PJ20. Please don't hide anymore , you all know who you are. Come forward and let the truth out.....
  • CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 6,761
    I'm in this thread a few times for good dealings...never put on "the cool list" :?

    Plus I had positive deals on the old board and was on that list. ...still never made it on here. I've known I wasnt on it and should have been...but I always said fuck it, I'm not gonna go out of my way to point it out.

    I guess maybe I'll make the cut when A REAL LIST is put together. Plus this board has alot of people living in a bubble....licking certain peoples ASSES, and ignoring the facts

  • SeaSea EarthPosts: 2,372
    Did you know that…you can click on a person's user name to view their posting history and use the search feature to search for references to the person?
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