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ISO 03 San diego

rattzeyrattzey Posts: 834
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Just had twins and looking for this poster for a while to put on the girls side of the nursery
Thanks for the help
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    There have been a few of these on ebay quite cheap lately. In fact they are still available, the whole Trio too.

    I have the trio for my little girl too... she's 15 now.
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  • rattzeyrattzey Posts: 834
    Thanks. I am looking for this just this one as the boys side will have the Vancouver 09 (moose). Been checking on Ebay but got out bid a few times. Checked Ebeans but most people just want to sell the set.
    Walkin on a slippery sidewalk listening to P.J
  • I may have a spare of this. I will let you know. I dunno how much it's worth. Ebeans average is $55...I can sell it for 50? The catch is i'm in Ireland, so I dunno how much postage is. Let me know your thoughts...perhaps via PM? Mine were brought at the gig itself, so they ain't signed/numbered.
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    I really enjoy this thread as I have the trio up in my 4 year old daughters room, she loves it!!! Also have the EV batman poster up in my son's room, always great to start them young!
  • rattzeyrattzey Posts: 834
    Pm sent
    Walkin on a slippery sidewalk listening to P.J
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