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Glorified G

GivenToFly98GivenToFly98 Posts: 163
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Good or Bad? some people i know think it sucks, but i love it........ your opinions?
I admit it...what's to say......
I'll relive it...without pain......
Backstreet lover on the side of the road
I got a bomb in my temple that is gonna explode
I got a sixteen gauge buried under my clothes, I play...
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  • pjfan31pjfan31 Posts: 7,328
    Dude i prefered it when i read this thread only once, but "gotta a gun, fact i got two, thats ok man coz i love god, glorified version of a pellet gun, feel so manly when armed" That feel so manly part is a cool line because it is so true. Remember a simple unwritten rule, it is similar to the one i learnt when studying journalism, One idea, One paragraph. So i Will give u this piece of advice grass hopper, One idea, one thread, cheers
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