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Welcome to the Pearl Jam Message Pit's trading forum. Please remember that the spirit of the policy here is meant to keep the trading activities on a fan-to-fan and personal basis, not to create a side business.

You can trade and make reasonable offers here for Pearl Jam memorabilia as long as the item is not available elsewhere on the site.

No flipping* posters, or selling illegal items such as illegal bootlegs from bootleggers, homemade CDs and DVDs, items purchased marked "not for resale", etc.

No auctions are allowed. Links to yours or others' eBay auctions or stores are not ok.

Please see the Posting Guidelines and Ten Club rules to be sure you are in compliance with all site rules/legalities.


* Flipping is buying items (from Ten Club or merch booth, etc.) with the intent to resell for a profit.


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  • remember when fanclub tickets were personalized? I've got your lost stub, Mike. If you want it.
  • Now I understand why we collect and keep mementos.. this one provokes and reveals memory past and future.. just lovely..thanks for sharing!
  • I remember when yeah, thought I knew everything yeah...they say knowledge is a tree yeah, he's growing up just like me yeah
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    I have one from New Orleans, time travel back to the beginning every time I see it.

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    PJ 20 2011
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