A Genuine Peach

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For a dozen years now
She has accepted my
Swinging mood
And violent outbursts
With good humor
All the while
Digging in the claws
And refusing to let my anger
Dislodge her commitment

Ears pinned back
Eyes clouded in heartache
She forces her way
On to my lap
Over and over again
Never fleeing
The rough handling
Or my desire to stew alone

Hurt me if you must
She tells me
I will keep coming back
Until you accept
This uncompromising love

I saved her life once
And she will never forget that
Just as I
Won’t be able to forgive
All those moments
I may have caused
Her to doubt
Moments I know
I’ll be desperate to live over
Once she is
Finally and forever taken
From my shaking hands
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