Handwritten lyrics to Guaranteed are posted..

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under the "Press" section of the pearljam.com site. Just noticed this, didn't know if anyone else did.
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    Dude, what? Where are you talking about?

    I've looked EVERYWHERE! :(
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    Thank you! :D
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    willtupper wrote:
    Dude, what? Where are you talking about?

    I've looked EVERYWHERE! :(

    Scroll down to the bottom of the home page of pearljam.com. All the way at the bottom, you'll see in small print a link for "Press". I check out those little links from time to time because they rarely if ever tell us on the message pit if something new is posted there. I bet half the people on here have never seen the publicity photos and press releases that are posted there.
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    my2handsmy2hands Posts: 17,117
    What A Great Song

    And Album
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    Wouldn't it be funny if the world ended in 2010, with lots of fire?

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    2-feign-reluctance2-feign-reluctance TigerTown, USA Posts: 23,203
    wow, there are some neat press photos in there i'd not seen. the black and white one of the band sitting next to what looks like a fridge. very awesome!
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    wow very cool ...

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    Nice handwriting. Awesome song :)
    "I surfaced and all of my being was enlightened"
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    Yes! really nice handwriting, any graphologists on board? :)
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    The one thing i can say - Eddie's handwriting has changed. Especially "I" - i prefer present big "i" of Ed. More kindly i guess:)
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    awesome. thanks for the info! I always forget to check that section of the site.
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    nice find, thanks :)
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    thanks for the sweet background to my computer.
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    there are so many great lines/phrases in this song it's unreal.

    "owning me like gravity"

    "wind in my hair I feel part of everywhere"

    "consider me a satellite forever orbiting"

    "a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul."

    the image/notion of people in "cages they bought"

    just an excellent, excellent piece of songwriting, this one is.
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    pjfan31pjfan31 Posts: 7,331
    I tell ya wat eddie would come a close 2nd behind me to the messiest hand writing in the world,
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    ohhh lovely :) ta for posting
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    funny- I accidentally went here:

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    Ed has such lovely handwriting :)
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