posters again. dusseldorf / kenyon for sale.

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All these have been stored flat, are mint condition, never displayed. Moving across the country and need some cash. Willing to listen to reasonable offers. Shipping is $5. They will be packed and shipped properly. I've dealt with numerous people here while selling stuff assured I'm legit and will do things properly. Pictures are available upon request (as are numbers from the S/N prints).

Eddie Vedder Seattle 08 Klausen - SOLD

Eddie Vedder Solo Tour Klausen - S/N - $100

Pearl Jam Virgina Beach 08 Klausen - S/N - $90

Pearl Jam Dusseldorf Klausen - 1st - PENDING

Pearl Jam Seattle 09 Ames Special Edition - S/N - SOLD

Pearl Jam San Diego 06 Ames - 1st - $35
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    i am a target -

    some of those look tempting as hell but will all absolutely clash with my hawaii 09 black and white..
    still, bump for your cause brotha
    ...10/31/09, 05/21/10, Peru, Los Angeles
  • please buy!
  • drop $10 off the kenyon hall. dusseldorf. ames special seattle.

    shipping $6 for US folks. anyone outside let me know and i'll get you a price.
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    PM Sent.

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    PM sent!
    México 24/11/2011
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