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inspiration for the hartford poster

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    if that's not a norman rockwell, it's a knock-off of a norman rockwell
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    Justin Hamtpon came out and said Rockwell was his inspiration ...
    I was specifically asked by PJ's management to make the theme of this poster geographic so I based it on Mark Twain's 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn' as MT lived in Hartford, CT when he wrote it. It's also based on a famous painting by Norman Rockwell of the white washing the fence scene in the book. I gave it a modern twist with skater kids wheat pasting the fence with a Pearl Jam poster.

    The text at the bottom reads:

    'T-Bomb' Sawyer shows 'Chuckles' Barry Finn the fun and fine art of wheat pasting fences. (Apologies to the legendary late Norman Rockwell)
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    yeah just thought people might want to see the original
    "you can say that we're, nocturnal, posssomists"
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    whats happenin possomists
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    chillin man, just patiently waiting for msg's. hartford was a blast. oceans opener made me laugh
    "you can say that we're, nocturnal, posssomists"
    -ed july 8th MSG 2004
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