$$$-IMMORTALITY at MSG!!!-$$$

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Why do I have dollar signs in the thread title? Cuz freakin Immortality is the money shot!!! I nevvvvvvvvver start threads asking for ANYTHING. but....since it was obvious in Boston tonite that someone DOES read the board and inform the boys.......I would like to request Immortality please. :D
I want to see the master just let it fly during this song. Head tossed back, eyes closed, fingers strummin those chords, lost in the moment. Whoever is informing the boys, pleeeeeease ask them to play Immortality at MSG! Thank you! :D
Sir Mike McCready is....THE MASTER!!! WAHHH!!!

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  • washedinblack91washedinblack91 Posts: 3,078
    if they do open this thread, i would love for them to do around the bend for my best friend. she doesn't get a lot in life, but if she got this she would cry for sure :)

    immortality would be great too :D
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  • CitizenRickCitizenRick Posts: 1,079
    I hope you guys get it. Mike destroys Immortality! Get it done Sen!
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  • Gary CarterGary Carter Shea Stadium Posts: 13,901
    def agree with flowmaster
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  • dustinparduedustinpardue Las Vegas, NVPosts: 1,827
    always a good tune. can we get "force of nature" and "brother" right after immortality on night 1?
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  • CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 6,679
    Some die just to live :)
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