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No, I'm not going to Jerusalem...I'm going to Seattle for my first time. I'm leaving tonight from NYC (JFK) and I'm incredibly excited! I hear the weather is really bad there now, though, but that's ok.

Anyway, if any Seattle residents have any recommendations, please feel free to offer any suggestions. I'll be staying at a hotel called Inn At the Market, which is right at the Pike's Place Market. Should be an excellent location.

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    I'd go visit Jimi's grave in Renton.
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    it is snowing now.....
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    Do the Underground tour if you're into touristy stuff, starts off at Pioneer Square. It's a very creative and different way to present Seattle and its history. I loved it! :)

    There are a bunch of PJ and Singles related sites, I did some of them when I visited. There's a cool guide on http://www.fivehorizons.com
    Not sure if you're into that, but it was pretty cool to see some of those
    sights from PJ history...

    Enjoy, I wish I could be there. Even if it's snowing now there and all... :D
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    go to the market and walk down the other side of the street to a cheesecake place and order the columbian hot chocolate. if you're brave, sprinkle a little of the red pepper in it and enjoy. it's the greatest stuff on earth.

    there are plenty of great things to do in seattle depending on the kind of trip you want to have. although experience music project has turned into some weird museum for things besides music, the music portion is still cool and if you're into sci fi, they do have a cool exhibit.

    the snow is sticking so be careful when you arrive. people here can't drive in this stuff and if it gets to be more than an inch the whole city closes down!
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    Go to the Soundgarden (it's a very cool park, trust me), around or it should be on a map. Maybe the Troll Under the Bridge. Drive out to Snoqualmie Falls. Stop and have a piece of pie at the Twin Peaks cafe just down the road. The Seattle Art Museum. the Bauhaus cafe for a cup of coffee. Gas Works Park. Check out Ballard and Fremont areas. Some great vistas up on Queen Anne Hill. Alki Beach maybe in West Seattle. Drive out to Woodinville and get a pint at the RedHook Brewery (there's also a bike trail from Seattle and goes right out to it) or do some wine tasting at the adjacent vinyards. Definitely see a show at the Jazz Alley on 6th if you have a chance. One of the finest jazz clubs in the country. Call to book a reservation.


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    go to the original starbucks near pike place. Drive by El Corazon (formerly the Off Ramp), lean out the window and snap a photo. It's the location of PJs cherry pop.
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    I have never understood why out of towners keep saying "Pike's Place Market". It's PIKE (singular) Place Market. Sorry, just a rant. I understand you're not familiar so no hard feelings. But nobody says "Space Needle's". This is the one boo-boo that I hear so consistently when it comes to visitors to Seattle. My boss at work in LA said the same thing and I instantly corrected him. He was like, "Woah dude, they a chill pill. Okay, okay, "Pike" Place Market."

    Okay, rant over.

    So yeah, PIKE Place Market is a must. You can walk (about 7 blocks away) up to the brand new Seattle Library designed by Rem Koohaas which is awesome. The Seattle Art Museum (also close by) was just remodeled. There is a brand new Sculpture Park near the waterfront north a mile or two that is also really cool. Music wise, go to the Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum at Seattle Center (admission just dropped to $15 for both). Also, the Space Needle and Seattle Center of course.

    If you want good food, hit any of Tom Douglas' restaurants. Etta's is near the Market and good seafood. There is also Palace Kitchen and the Dahlia Lounge close by which I recommend.

    Coffee wise, skip Starbuck's and go for Caffe Ladro on 801 Pine Street.

    Best fish and chips is Ivar's at Pier 56 on the waterfront.

    If you have time to catch a show, go to the Crocodile Cafe in Belltown or the Showbox near the Market.

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    the snow is sticking so be careful when you arrive. people here can't drive in this stuff and if it gets to be more than an inch the whole city closes down!

    That's funny. I was just saying, not more than 5 minutes ago, that snow on the west coast is really greasy (hard to drive in). We just got 2 feet of snow here yesterday and it's a breeze to drive in.
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    Have a safe trip! I LOVE Seattle! Make sure to check out EMP! Oh, and if you like cool towers, check out the Space Needle... Here in Texas we have the Towers of America... very lame compared to the Needle!
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