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Hi all, i have a side view seat for boston and just wondering if people who have been to the show can say whether the view is really obstructed with this tours setup. im in the last row in the lower loge on mikes side. thanks!
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    They take side seats into account when setting up. You should be fine. Seats that are very obstructed are "tech kills" and not sold.
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    I haven't been to any shows on this tour yet, but I have sat way over to the side for PJ at the Garden in the past. They were actually AWESOME seats. I could see into the backstage area and watched Stone rock out to Death Cab during their set.
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    your good i would be more worried about stones side . cause he keeps his back to the side the whole show . at least mike will party down with u . ;)
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    best seat ever at boston. could not have been better!
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