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PJ Radio



  • Lost In OhioLost In Ohio Posts: 5,387
    igotid88 said:
    Hi all,  does anyone have any idea how many listeners PJ Radio XM has?  XM has about 34 million subscribers, but I'm curious how many of these listen to PJ Radio.  Couldn't find it in the Annual Report.  Thanks, all.

    Well, if you ask Howard Stern...about 34 million!
    He's talking about SiriusXM Pearl Jam radio specifically.

    My point being that during negotiations, Howard claims that everyone who subscribes counts as a listener. It'd be like subscribing to a TV package with ESPN, but never watching SportsCenter.

    So why can't we say Pearl Jam Radio has 34 million listeners? Ha!

    But seriously, I doubt those numbers ever get released.
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