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Most hated MLB teams



  • jimed14jimed14 Posts: 9,488
    RW81233 wrote:
    spending the money to retain players is the most UNDERRATED part of teams "buying" a championship. although a bunch of us have been making fun of the ryan howard over-signing the fact that the phils can keep howard, utley, and rollins together while adding a halliday, or the yanks can keep jetes, posada, rivera, pettite, and pick up others is a luxury that small market teams can't enjoy.

    Holy crap, did you just make a point about something that sucks about baseball and you didn't refer to the Red Sox! :shock:
    RW81233 wrote:
    Eh whatever I can't write anymore I'm all fucked up on booze and pain pills.

    oh, now I see ... nevermind. :D
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