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my pearl jam dream........

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I was at work last night doing a 14 hour night shift, I eventually got some sleep. During this break from the madness I had this Pearl Jam dream.

I was at an Auntys place celebrating christmas with the family, we were sitting in the back yard at a big table, I was sitting at the end. Next to me on the right was an empty seat. As I looked up from the seat I saw a man dressed in jeans and a flannel shirt walking up the side of the house. As he got closer I realised it was Eddie Vedder. He came and sat next to me at the table. I introduced my self and he said his name was Ed. I cant recall the conversation we had at the table but after a while we went and sat under an umbrella tree, Ed was rolling some smokes and I was having a Winnie blue(Whinfield blue cigarettes), we were talking about life in general and Ed seemed happy that he wasnt being annoyed by fan questions. This is when my sister came over and realised it was Eddie Vedder I was talking to and starting hitting him with the obsessed fan questions this started to give him the shits, I just started to tell my sister to piss-off when I was rudely awoken by our turnout system, so I didnt get to finish my dream.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a PJ dream.

PS, No I was not smoking or drinking anything before bed!!!!
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  • i had a dream that i met eddie while i was walkin hoem from school. wish i could remember more.
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  • Of course.
    I had a few :D

    The last one I remember, and I didn't tell the story to anyone for some reason, was a few weeks ago...
    I was at a PJ show and all of the sudden, I got up on stage cause Eddie had asked me to. He wanted me to play SMILE :D
    But I don't know how to play guitar and I freaked out :eek:
    I took the guitar and started hitting strings, trying to get the right notes.
    There was one other person from the audience on stage with me (don't remember who), but all I know is that we were both freaked out, haha.

    So I hit some notes, thinking I was gonna sound bad, the band is laughing the whole time, but then I'm feeling great cause I realized I've been playing right, haha :D And the audience is cheering for me. lol
    I remember Ed and Jeff being there, and at the end, it was a fun time.
    I don't remember more details than this. I love having PJ dreams.
    And this one probably came out cause of my wish to play SMILE.
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  • tishtish taking the looooooong way,...Posts: 3,393
    My Pearl Jam dream is like Rock'N'Rock High School/Ramones style. The bassist in the shower is soooo sexy.
  • Ive actually had a PJ dream before. I was at a PJ show, in a really weird place, defintly not a concert kind of place but there was a lot of people. And i was drinking a beer (im 15) and all of a sudden the whole concert stops and the lights turn on... and standing infront of me is my high school principal. And i drop the beer but he knows and starts yelling at me. Then the dream ended.
  • 2 dreams for myself. i live in the south, so obviously they had to do with concerts (since we haven't gotton one since 03). The 1st one i went to see them soundcheck at the american airlines center, in dallas, and was front row. it was amazing. the 2nd one i went to see them at a small club, but it looked like something you wouldve seen from 1992 pearl jam, with eddie goin crazy, and the crowd all over the place. all in all, i almost cried after both dreams, wen i realized they were dreams
    My god its been so long, never dreamed we'd return.
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