trading my honolulu klausen print.

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i lucked out and got a d/s honolulu from mr. klausen, however, the lady isn't into the idea of another pearl jam poster on the wall. thus i am looking to trade the big fella off to someone who might frame it and enjoy it (i'll be posting it up over at EB as well. just wanted to throw it up here to give a fan a chance.). i'm only looking for other posters. the print is in beautiful shape. you can check out the pictures of it here:

the damage can be seen on the second page (the last photo). please keep in mind that this was taken with a macro lens from about half an inch away (with a high powered flash). between the paper, glass for framing, and the naked eye you can hardly tell it's even there.

i'd really really really like:

lady day - MBW (probably my biggest ISO. i absolutely love this print.)


lines davis - MBW

obviously these are a few expensive prints. but i figure i'd ask.

but i'm open to offers. PM me with those please. if you're reasonable. i'll be reasonable.
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    I'd love to take it off your hands to keep your woman happy, but don't have what you seek.

    Good luck.
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