what to do?

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i have got a hyde park ticket and a glasto ticket! my plan was just to turn up to glasto a day late but now i am wondering if i should just give the whole thing a miss and go holland too?
the only thing is turning up a day late has already pissed off some of my friends but not turning up at all will really send them nuts.
why couldnt pearl jam have just played glastonbury! :cry:
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    I am in a similar boat - but have decided to go to Dublin and Belfast before going to Glastonbury on the Friday.

    I am holding out an (increasingly slim!!!) hope that they may make an appearance on Saturday?? :?
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    where pj playing????u go there..
    "...Dimitri...He talks to me...'.."The Ghost of Greece..".
    "..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
    “..That came up on the Pillow Case...This is for the Greek, With Our Apologies.....”
  • yeah i was hoping they would play, but i doubt it very much :cry: really tho how can they be over here the same weekend as glasto and not play it :cry:
    i was going to do the same as you but i know i would go mad knowing pearl jam where on at hyde park and i was at glasto watching u2
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    Wise words....but I was hoping PJ would be a Glastonbury so have made plans to be there :?

    Are there any plans for people getting between Dublin and Belfast by the way....a Pearl Jam train journey where we all went over together on the Wednesday would be very cool :D
  • i like the sound of a pearl jam train :D but gotta get a dublin ticket first :cry: if it comes to it i will just ebay it and cry about it later.
    i heard off somebody that the premier inn on waring street in belfast is where everybody is staying? i hope so because i have just booked a room :D
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    I have already spent a small fortune on booking a MyHab for Glastonbury....guess I could try and get a refund.

    I totally agree with the U2 whilst PJ are in the same country comment!!! As you know though, with Glastonbury you are just as likely to have someone like Them Crooked Vultures playing at the same time to soften the blow...

    But then it is Peal Jam...and when will they be back to Europe after this jaunt?? But then I am going to see them twice with 10 club in the same week beforehand.


    It is a real dilemma .... :?
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