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I've had the PJ SIGG water bottle since early October. 'been following the cleaning instructions since day 1.

I am curious to know if anyone else who has purchased this product has had the liner on the inside of the neck of the bottle start to peel and splinter off ?

Thank you for all relevant and constructive feedback. Enjoy the day.
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    i've had it since august and have not had that problem ... however, i have a bunch of stainless steel water bottles and i don't use my pj one that often ...
  • Yeah, the neck part of the liner fell off a while ago...I just kinda washed it and peeled it off of the neck/screw part completely. No big deal.
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    I noticed the same thing with a non-PJ SIGG bottle I have. Seems to only happen to the new BPA-free liners, because my older SIGGS never had that problem.
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    I'd write Sigg about the issue and see what they say. I bought a bottle a couple years ago that was "not good" for consumption and sent it back for a free replacement (the new lining). I don't think they're supposed to peel, but I'd want to hear what the company says about the issue!
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