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  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 20,055
    Awesome rebound from last weekend.  Injuries though, yikes.  
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    edited August 5
    Sweet jesus! Gleyber is DH.  Did not see that coming. I thought it was going to be a while. Hopefully they aren't being stupid.
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
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    Ugh wtf. Gleyber out
  • igotid88igotid88 Posts: 17,066
    Ugh wtf. Gleyber out
    Thought it was weird when they had him play yesterday when he hurt himself over the weekend
    I miss igotid88
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    igotid88 said:
    Ugh wtf. Gleyber out
    Thought it was weird when they had him play yesterday when he hurt himself over the weekend
    Me too. He goes to the hospital then plays the next day. Can’t be good now 
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Tauchman!!! Hahah dude does it all
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    This friggen team, guys. They just keep doing it, no matter who it is.

    Just shelf gleyber for 10 days. Let him rest and don’t let it linger 
  • igotid88igotid88 Posts: 17,066
    Imagine if the Orioles release Chris Davis and the Yankees pick him up. You know he's going to start hitting .300 and homers every day. Cuz that's how it's been
    I miss igotid88
  • igotid88igotid88 Posts: 17,066
    This offense is so good that they have someone in the minors (Clint Frazier) who has proven he can hit in the big leagues. That whenever someone goes down and you think he'd get a call up. Only to have someone else come up and still perform at a high level
    I miss igotid88
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    So the Yankees are playing at the Field of Dreams next year?!?!  After a little research, it looks like it won't be the actual field and will be on they make nearby.  I want to go!  Assume it is impossible though.
  • Halifax2TheMaxHalifax2TheMax Posts: 21,444
    So the Yankees are playing at the Field of Dreams next year?!?!  After a little research, it looks like it won't be the actual field and will be on they make nearby.  I want to go!  Assume it is impossible though.
    Nothing is impossible Cliffy, just look at Ed.
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  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Gleyber Torres is okay I guess hahaha 
  • xavier mcdanielxavier mcdaniel Somewhere in NYCPosts: 8,303
    All sorts of postgame notes after game 2

    -Have won 14 straight games against the Orioles (since 4/4) tied for their fifth-longest winning streak vs. a single opponent since 1908, their longest since winning 14 in a row vs. the Kansas City A’s from their longest such winning streak within a single season since a 15-game winning streak over the Philadelphia A’s in 1954.

    Are 15-2 against the O’s this season, tied for their most wins vs. a single opponent in the divisional era (since 1969); went 15-4 vs. Tampa Bay in 2004...last won more than 15 games over one opponent in 1960, when they went 16-6 vs. Cleveland.

    Have won 12 of their last 14G and 35 of their last 47G vs. the AL East...are 46-16 (.742) vs. the AL East in 2019, the second-best record by any club vs. its own division (Houston, 38-12, .760 vs. AL West)...are 26-6 vs. the AL East at home.

    Yankees batters have scored at least 8R in five consecutive games vs. Baltimore, their longest streak vs. one opponent since also doing so in five straight vs. Chicago-AL from 6/7/07-4/22/08.

    Extended their Major League record to 59HR off Orioles pitching in 2019, including 23HR in 5G vs. Baltimore this month.
    Have hit at least 3HR in each of their last 5G vs. the Orioles and in 12 of their 17G against Baltimore this season.

    Gleyber Torres (3-for-4, 3R, 2HR, 6RBI, 1IBB) hit a pair of three-run HRs in the fifth and the sixth, his sixth 2HR game this season and seventh of his career...has 26HR in 2019 season, surpassing his 2018 total (24HR)...has hit 5HR in his last 4G at Yankee Stadium, all of them in doubleheaders (1HR in Game 1 today, 2HR on 8/3-G2 vs. Boston)...leads the Yankees with five three-run HRs this season...leads the Majors with 12 three-run HRs
    since the start of 2018...was intentionally walked with two men on in the eighth.

    Has hit 13HR in 16G vs. Baltimore this season, surpassing Chicago-NL’s Sammy Sosa (12HR in 1998 vs. Milwaukee) for the most by any
    player vs. a single opponent in one season in the divisional era (since 1969) one of six players ever to hit at least 13HR vs. a single
    opponent in a season (Yankees’ Lou Gehrig-14HR vs. Cleveland in 1936; Yankees’ Roger Maris-13HR vs. Chicago-AL in 1961, Milwaukee-NL’s Joe Adcock-13HR vs. Brooklyn in 1956, Chicago-NL’s Hank Sauer-13HR vs. Pittsburgh in 1954, Philadelphia-AL’s Jimmie Foxx-13HR vs. Detroit in 1932) hitting .414/.485/1.138 (24-for-58) with 20R, 3 doubles, 13HR and 20RBI in 16G vs. Baltimore this season...according to STATS, Inc., is the first player to homer in both games of two doubleheaders vs. the same opponent in one year since Philadelphia’s Mike Schmidt in 1983 vs.Montreal...has hit 13HR vs. all other opponents.

    Recorded his fifth multi-HR game vs. Baltimore this season, establishing a new Major League record for multi-HR games vs. one
    opponent in a single season, previously held by Roy Sievers (1955 vs. Kansas City A’s), Gus Zernial (1951 vs. St. Louis-AL) and Ralph Kiner (1947 vs. Boston-AL)...has six multi-HR games in 2019, tied with Minnesota’s Nelson Cruz for the Major League lead.

    At 22 years, 242 days, is the third-youngest Yankee to reach 50 career home runs, trailing only Mickey Mantle (21 years, 279 days, on 7/26/53-G1)and Joe DiMaggio (22 years, 226 days, on 7/9/37).

    At 22 years, 242 days, is the youngest player in AL history (and fourth-youngest in Major League history) to reach eight career multi-HR
    games...the NL players to reach it at a younger age were the New York Giants’ Mel Ott (21 years, 182 days), Boston-NL/Milwaukee-NL’s Eddie Mathews (22 years, 182 days) and Atlanta’s Andruw Jones (22 years, 84 days).

    At 22 years, 242 days, is the third-youngest Yankee to record at least 2HR and 6RBI in a game (since RBI became an official stat in 1920), behind Joe DiMaggio (22 years, 226 days on 7/9/37 vs. Washington-AL) and Lou Gehrig (22 years, 34 days on 7/23/25 vs. Washington-AL).

    Hit 3HR in a doubleheader for the second time this season (and in his career), and just the eighth such instance by a Yankee in the last 50
    seasons...also did it on 5/15/19 vs. the only player in the last 50 seasons to hit 3HR in a doubleheader twice as a Yankee (Elias).
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  • WobbieWobbie Posts: 25,355
    So the Yankees are playing at the Field of Dreams next year?!?!  After a little research, it looks like it won't be the actual field and will be on they make nearby.  I want to go!  Assume it is impossible though.

    gonna be a tough ticket, for sure. maybe there’ll be scalpers out in the cornfield....
    If I had known then what I know now...

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  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Happ is trash
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    40 games over August.

    Big series this weekend.
  • crookedcrosscrookedcross Right Near Da Beach, BoiiiPosts: 1,051
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Lol just went to tune in annnd looks like I don’t have to
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Not only did mike ford make it to the bigs, but he got to pitch!

    An absolute smoking and still tied for the most wins in baseball. Fortunately the Astros are on a little skid
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Caught the end of the game. Very good win. 
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    27 years in a row above .500. Amazing 
  • igotid88igotid88 Posts: 17,066
    Kay is back
    I miss igotid88
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Gleyber fucking torres
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Better win than yesterday. That was a big one I feel like 
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    This team is really fucking good. Fans definitely turning out and appreciating it but it needs to be said that this is a goooood fucking team 
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Up 4.5 on Houston 
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    At the end of the night, the best record in all of the land 
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Not gonna win this one with CC and a short pen 
  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Nope. That was never a win.

    9.5 up in the division
    3.5 up on the astros, assuming the result holds
    1 up on the dodgers

    Tough road trip ahead. Next weekend should be a lot of fun

  • Cliffy6745Cliffy6745 Posts: 29,238
    Holy hell I am full blown in love with this team.
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