Official Time for Philly 4?

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Wondering if anyone heard of the official time of the show. My friends and I clocked it at approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes.

Friday's show at approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.
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  • I think i read 3:40 somewhere
    2008: MSG 1 6/24
    2009: Philly 4 10/31

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  • Is it the longest show they've played? Most songs? I know State College was a long one.
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    Yeah I second the 3:40 time, that seems dead on by my watch. So what was the State College show's length? Wasn't it 3:30? What might also be interesting is to get an idea of how long the "encore breaks" (if you can even call them that) were, because we all remarked that they were extremely short, much shorter than are the case for their typical shows. To me that could unofficially make the actual concert time even longer.
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    Ok, by my research it does appear that 10/31 was indeed the longest show all time for the band. I know a lot of people mention State College as the longest (190:22, or 3 hrs 10 min), but apparently the 7/11/03 Mansfield show 2 months later beat it by about 15 minutes (204:47, or 3 hrs 25 min). So, even if Saturday's show went 3.5 hours (210:00), that still beats Mansfield by 5 minutes (though the consensus seems to be over 3.5 hours). SICK!

    (However, FYI, it looks like Mansfield does still hold the record, I think, in terms of number of songs, with 45 songs)
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