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I know it's probably a massive long shot - but what do the European Ten contingent reckon the chances are that PJ will play Glastonbury Festival 2010?

It would be totally amazing to see Eddie and the boys storm Pyramid stage next year.

As it's the 40th Anniversary show - it's rumored that bands from each of the last 40 years will play on the main stage over the 3 days - I can't think of a better band to represent the early 1990's (well any decade between 1991 and now come to think of it!!).
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    I'm supporting this all the way! Now if just somebody could get me tickets for Glastonbury! ;)
  • No thanks!!!!

    Especially considering Glastonbury is already sold out.
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    I honestly think this would suck! I have no doubt that PJ would be awesome but there'd be so many non-fans there (especially as it's already sold out) that you'd either have to get a decent spot before the sun comes up and wait through a day of shit bands just to get to PJ or stand a mile away and look at the dots on stage in the distance.
    No thanks!
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    Well as I have got a ticket I guess I am a bit biased.... :roll:

    They would be an amazing addition to any bill...

    Plus for UK fans (and ROW via youtube!) it would likely mean some great coverage via the BBC.

    Still don't think it will happen mind!!
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    I'd rather just have a PJ concert at an arena, personally.
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