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Logged on this morning to get my pre-ordered copy of Backspacer from iTunes (in the UK).

As well as the bonus Better Man track (anyone know when/where this is from?) - there were also two bonus shows that could be downloaded - I expected these to be a couple of tracks for each, but they were the whole shows!! I picked New York from 06-25-08 and Mansfield 06-28-08.

Very cool and great surprise! Thank you guys!

The album is absolutely brilliant by the way.

(Roll on the London O2 Boot - one of the most amazing nights of my life!!)
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  • Were you prompted to select the two bonus shows?

    I've just finished the download and nothing like that has happened.
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    Welcome to the Pit!!

    Cool you got to download a show you were at!!
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    To get to the free shows go to end of the accompanying Digital Booklet and follow the links.... :D

    I haven't got the London O2 show officially yet anNIMal (other than on an unofficial boot!). I am hoping it will be available soon now that the album is out! The New York download that I got this morning does start with Release though (as did the O2 show)....what an amazing opening track - goosebumps and lumps in throats all round!!
  • Cheers, Nigel.
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