Binaural & Backspacer

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So I was driving, listening to the Conan performance of Got Some. Gods Dice came on right after and I was blown away by how good this tranistion was. I started going through Binaural again. I know some ppl out there have "beef" w/this album (among others), but I find this to be one of their most complete/cohesive albums in regards to flow (start to finish). I think it's seriously under-rated, but I digress...My point...

Given what's out there right now (The Fixer, Got Some, clips of songs, and rips from the EV live shows)I think Binaural has the potential to compliment Backspacer very well at a show in regards to flow (song to song).

(I imagine, that in general, BS'er will compliment this second decade of the PJ catalogue...but there is something about the "sound" of The Fixer and the production on Binaural...2 different techniques, I know, there's something there...)
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    I disagree, though I'm sure they'll flow fine.
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    I think a cohesive "flow" is what the band is going for. That's probably why the album is relatively short, they want to focus more on transitioning and making a to-the-point record instead of just doing the tracklisting as rocker-ballad-rocker-ballad.
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