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Can anyone recommend a good album or two to start with for a Sonic Youth noob?
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    Rather Ripped the album before the one that just came out is very easy on the ears. Actually their last three albums Sonic Nurse, Rather Ripped, & The Eternal i think are all accesable.

    Once you try one or two of those and you know the sound a little dive into their masterpiece
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    The opener to Daydream Nation, Teenage Riot, is what pulled me in. I'd say start with that or Sister, but they may be kind of hard to get into.
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    seriously..i was never really into the band..heard random stuff here and there and really got into the guitar work. The first album i picked up from them was the eternal which just came out and it's just as good as anything i've personally ever heard.
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    Daydream Nation, EVOL & Sister to start out with.
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    Murray street is a good one to start with. Think the original only had 7 tracks and was considered an ep. It may have been re released with bonus tracks though.

    I liked Goo alot too.
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  • As a previous post said, their last three albums are pretty accessible to new ears. I would also suggest Goo.
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    i might actually recommend starting with the brand new one, "the eternal". it might not be their best album, but it's great and it gives you a great idea of what sonic youth is all about. it's also pretty accessible for a newcomer in relation to the rest of their albums. my favorite is probably daydream's hard to go wrong though, all i would say is definitely don't start with their first release which is self titled. it's out there and it's remastered. that's where i started, and it took me a while to get into it, not a lot of vocals, and the production is pretty weak.

    daydream nation
    murray street
    washing machine
    sonic nurse
    rather ripped
    the eternal

    ......can't go wrong with any of those
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    Has anyone mentioned Dirty??? That is a great album and really easy to get into! Enjoy the sonic trip..........
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    Has anyone mentioned Dirty??? That is a great album and really easy to get into! Enjoy the sonic trip..........

    If I got in first I would've.

    With songs like the following you can't go wrong:

    Sugar Kane
    Drunken Butterfly
    Swimsuit Issue
    Theresa's Sound-World

    I also love Washing Machine, so mellow, perfect chill out album to tune out to!
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    Looks like we have a number of Sonic Youth threads, so I just picked one to pick up on.
    I'm just now (sadly!) finishing the recently published, lengthy (just under 500 pages but seriously, if I could, I would read all 1500 pages of the original manuscript), and incredible memoir from Thurston Moore: Sonic Life.

    I've had the 4 LP box set of Daydream Nation for several years but always struggled a bit with getting into the music.  Having ready Thurston's book, I've gone back to that album with a much clearer understanding of what they were up to and am completely (well, nearly at least- there are a few difficult pieces but mostly die to my hearing issues) taken by this amazing record.  I have a copy of Sister coming soon and just picked up (but have not yet listened to) Le Renaldo's double LP, Last Night On Earth.  The flood gates have opened on this band for me!

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