Tower Theater in Phila. What should I expect?

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Seen the guys at least once every tour, but never been to the tower theater. What's it like
Tailgating in parking lot? :?:
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    Dude, not much going on there. Upper Darby is in the hood. There isn't really a parking lot, more like a garage. So as far as tailgating, not much. It's a really small venue.
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    Do a search for Tower Theater on here. This subject has been covered numerous times the past few weeks.
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    yeahh saw ray lamontagne there a few months back. not the worst area i've been in but i didnt really feel like hanging around there either as it didnt seem too exciting except for the theater
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    does that parling lot(garage) fill up quick? Is it secure or no?
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  • yoke wrote:
    does that parling lot(garage) fill up quick? Is it secure or no?
    Secure enough, but I wouldn't leave valuables. Not sure on how quickly it fills up, so I'd get there early. We are.
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  • expect liam, ej and ev at some point.
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