Wrigley Tickets looking to trade

I have 1 10c Reserved Ticket for Aug 18. Looking to trade for 1 ticket to the Aug 20 show.


  • PJinILPJinIL satan's bedPosts: 366
    Hi, I'm interested in seeing about a trade. PM if you are interested. I have various items willing to trade...
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  • amsterdam21amsterdam21 Posts: 7
    Hey lets talk
  • wbutler29wbutler29 Posts: 579
    If trade doesn't work out, would love to buy your spare off you.  Best of luck in your search.
  • kstkst Posts: 37
    I'd also buy the spare for night 1.  
  • spacepantsspacepants Posts: 7
    Hi guys - I have an extra GA (mobile ticket) for Wrigley night 2 (August 20).  Will consider trade or face value cash.  Please DM me if interested.
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