ISO last 3 cards for 2013 Wrigley Card set.

MalMal Posts: 51
These are the last 3 cards (these 2 pictures and the George Webb) i'm looking for to complete my set. Let me know if you have any of them for trade/sale. Thanks.


  • PJinILPJinIL satan's bedPosts: 355
    I'll have to look at home, might have the Stone card. If so, we'll work it out.
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  • MalMal Posts: 51
    Ok. Let me know. Thanks
  • jjflashjjflash Posts: 3,502
    Hope you complete your set, bump :skull:
  • MalMal Posts: 51
  • lastexitlondonlastexitlondon Posts: 2,457
    I looked as I had some random  ones.  But alas they are different 
    brixton 93
    astoria 06
    albany 06
    hartford 06
    reading 06
    barcelona 06
    paris 06
    wembley 07
    dusseldorf 07
    nijmegen 07

    this song is meant to be called i got shit,itshould be called i got shit tickets-hartford 06 -
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