Official: 2018 Home Shows vs Away Shows Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • ReikoReiko Posts: 9
    I am coming from Germany and offer a TenClub ticket (seating) for Wrigley 1 in exchange for a TenClub ticket for Wrigley 2.
    If you interested please send an e-mail:
  • Looking for 1 ticket to Boston 1.  Will pay or can trade for a Boston 2.  Either way your food and drinks are on me that night.  Hopefully someone can help me out.  Thanks
  • I have a Fenway2 10C for trade for Fenway1 10C.  My number is #322xxx.  Also will pay for a Fenway1 10C if available.
  • Looking for night 1 GA @ Wrigley.  Have night 2 GA @ Wrigley to trade and/or GA Amsterdam.
  • curmudgeonesscurmudgeoness San DiegoPosts: 2,114
    Looking for two tickets for Fenway night 1, anywhere in the building is fine with me. I don't have anything cool to offer, beyond my gratitude, face value, a round of drinks. But I would be very grateful. =)
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  • manitoumanmanitouman In My HeadPosts: 607
    Looking to buy 1 GA ticket for Wrigley 2. Going solo and would really appreciate it!
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  • dtuttledtuttle Posts: 2
    Looking for 2 for either Seattle show.  Doesn't matter where seats are.
  • jpdannabellejpdannabelle Posts: 184
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    Looking for 1 GA to Wrigley night 1. Please PM me. Thanks 
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  • BRONDOBRONDO Columbus, OHPosts: 131
    Have : 3 GA SEA1
               1 GA MISSOLA
    Want : 1 tix WRIGLEY 1
  • Have:
    2 GA Seattle 1 
    2 Sec. 211 Chicago 1
    2 Seattle 2 

    Looking for a trade of either pair for comparable seats to Seattle 2.
  • pjf2323pjf2323 Posts: 4
    Have: 1 extra 10c reserve Seattle 1 
    Need: 1 Seattle 2 
  • rhinosaurrhinosaur Posts: 50
    Looking for:
    - ticket for Wrigley Night 1
    - ticket for Wrigley Night 2
    - 10C GA ticket for Berlin

    Please PM me!
  • FactoryMan93FactoryMan93 Posts: 134
    Long shot here... but is there anybody who would trade me Wrigley Night 2 GA for my Wrigley Night 2 Reserved?
  • nicolenicole Posts: 25
    Hi all, I am looking for 2 face value tickets to Wrigley night 2, please let me know if you can help me out! 
  • Looking for 2 Seattle night 2. I’m an idiot and didn’t complete the transaction during the presale lottery. Thought I had the tickets but somewhere, I failed. West Seattle couple really doesn’t want to miss this. It’s been a few years since a Seattle show. Appreciate any help, leads or tickets (happily pay).

  • vencatvencat Posts: 1
    Looking for 1 for Missoula - would prefer GA, but will consider seated. Traveling from Australia to see the Seattle shows and decided at the last minute adding Missoula would be an awesome idea. Thank you :)
  • Cooper FCooper F Posts: 10
    Have 1 extra Wrigley GA2 for trade. Seeking a Wrigley GA1.   If interested lmk. Thank you... 

  • JD282467JD282467 ChicagoPosts: 6
    I have two extras for Wrigley N1, verified fan presale section 140 and looking to trade for Wrigley N2. 
  • Deesa BeeDeesa Bee Posts: 33
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    Hello, do you still have your wrigley tix available? I don’t have anything to trade, but my brother and I are huge fans. It would be amazing if you could contact me if for some reason you want/need to sell. Here’s my email

    Thank you
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  • DiscopijDiscopij Posts: 198
    I have an extra for Wrigley Night 1 in Section 425 Row 1 (first row of balcony between home and first).

    I'm looking for a GA ticket to Night 2.
  • dcarlsonpjdcarlsonpj Minneapolis Posts: 53
    ISO Wrigley 1 GA - have Prague GA to trade
  • elvistheking44elvistheking44 Posts: 3,336
    Looking for 2 for wrigley either night.
  • dw545589dw545589 Posts: 3
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    ISO ten club GA for purchase. Me and my mates are coming from NY for this and we are short 1 for London 1 and 2. Let me know if anyone can help me out!  Thx 
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