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    I love David Gilmour. He is one of my fav guitarists of all time. I love how he can play a total blues solo, in the style of Muddy Waters or BB King, to chord progression that is so far away from traditional blues structure (i.e. Another Brick in the Wall, Time, Mother). And lets not forget his voice... that man can sing a song!
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    Jam10 wrote:
    I don't know what it is about Pink Floyd but I can't get into them. Almost everyone I know loves Pink Floyd and they tell me to listen to "Dark Side Of The Moon" and I have listened to that album numerous times and I just can't get into them. I had a 10 hour drive from Ontario to Massachusetts and I popped in Pink Floyd to try and force myself to like them but I just can't get into them. Right after Pink Floyd I popped in Led Zeppelin and I absolutely love Zeppelin. I can't get enough of Zeppelin. Every song rocks. Jimmy Page is a genius. I listened to 2 whole Led Zeppelin albums in a row and I just love every song.
    Pink Floyd on the other hand I just don't see the big deal. Don't get me wrong....I really like a few songs, David Gilmore is an amazing guitar player and the other band members are really talented and amazing at what they do but I've tried over and over again and they're just not for me. I seem to be alone when talking about Pink Floyd because all my music buddies and all the guys I work with love them. Am I alone here or do you guys feel the same. I probably shouldn't compare Pink Floyd to Led Zeppelin but Led Zeppelin in my opinion is a way, way better band!

    if you like PJ and Zeppelin, i would probably suggest Meddle as a better starting point for Floyd than darkside.
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  • I think Pink Floyd is the best band of all-time, that being said, Pearl Jam is my favorite band of all-time. I think as far as guitarists go, Gilmour is the best. He knows how to solo, and like others said chord and rhythm work is unreal. I don't think any guitarist makes me feel the way he does with some of his solos.

    I agree with the posters who said that Animals may not be the best way to acquaint someone with Floyd. It is one of my favs, but I think if you're on the edge with Floyd, you probably have to work your way to that album.

    I think you should take a look at some of the post-Waters floyd, cuz there are some absolute gems there like: On the Turning Away, and anything off Division Bell (Poles Apart, Take it Back, Coming Back To Life, High Hopes). I think those are more melodic songs and don't have the sound bites and things that Waters likes to add to his music.

    Waters has some absoultely amazing solo things as well. Just a couple from him that you may like would be: Perfect Sense (that song is like an anthem, i will almost guarantee you absolutely get into that song), Bravery of Being out of Range, Pros and cons of Hitch Hiking(Every Stranger's Eyes). lyrics on those songs are unreal.

    Play One of My Turns from the Wall and wait until 2:02 of the song and if that doesn't fire you up I'd be surprised.
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    Is it so difficult to understand that we like what we like? As we say about Harley Davidson's, and it applies to those that don't like Pink Floyd-

    "If I have to explain it to you, you just won't understand"....

    Pink Floyd is one of the greatest bands in the history of all bands for so many reasons" originality, musicianship, mind expansion, they were so far ahead of their time. Longevity.

    You could say the same about Bob Dylan. I know he's great, but I don't personally like his singing or his music.

    We all like what we like and it doesn't have to be explained.

    sledd out....

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    Here is how I got introduced and then hooked on Pink Floyd and I think it works the same for everyone.

    Step 1) Fire up a good J. Take several hits and wait for it to take effect.

    Step 2) Start "Dark Side of the Moon" at the very beginning and turn off all the lights.

    Step 3) By the time of "Great Gig in the Sky" you will be a fan for life.

    Also, I suggest watching "Echoes" on the David Gilmour DVD "Remember That Night". If you aren't amazed by the end of that song then...

    well you might need to consult a professional.
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    Some of the original artworks created by Gerald Scarfe which were used in The Wall are going to be sold. I can't begin to guess to what these will sell for. Man, oh man, some of them are beautiful. Artwork and info can be found here:
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    Meddle, and more specifically "Fearless (You'll Never Walk Alone)" was the song that sold me onto them.
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    Man I love me some Pink Floyd. Really excited about seeing Roger's Us & Them tour in a couple months. I hope Gilmour does another US tour too. Haven't gotten to see him live yet.
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    I have to love Floyd as my first ever 45rpm was Another Brick in the Wall as a 10 year old but there is alot of it I haven't got or even heard as it can very obscure & very wierd but I can't get enough of The Wall & I have become quite obsessed with it since I got it on vinyl a few years ago after not having a record player for years. As live albums go The Delicate Sound of Thunder is epic especially Comfortably Numb & they take it to another notch live, shame I never saw them.
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