Guitar World: Guitar Legends Issue

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I just thought I'd share I haven't seen it up on the board so here ya go!
"i wanna rock and roll **all night**, and part of everyday"
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  • Is this new?
    MSG > everything combined
  • Yeah, I believe its this months issue Hail Hail.
    "i wanna rock and roll **all night**, and part of everyday"
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    This is all over the Porch, you know. But at least your intentions are good. :)
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    I just thought I'd share I haven't seen it up on the board so here ya go!

    My wife brought this home for me yesterday. I didn't know about it before then. Excellent reading, although the cover photo is quite possibly the most unflattering pic I've ever seen of the guys.
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  • I gots it at Borders last week :)
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  • picked it up last weekend and have scanned thru it about 58 times by now...

    didn't learn anything new obviously, all just reprints, and guitar world is really not the best mag to begin with. I would have been happy to see guitar player interviews thrown in also, even tho that wouldn't be new to me either.

    but i noticed after reading that i seriously was more interested in the newer content (even Riot act!), wanted to hear much more about Avacado and how it was recorded/gear stuff, and i even thought the newer pictures looked better.

    guess it shows i'm still jonesing for new PJ, not living on the past here.

    what a fucking band!
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    i couldn't find it. i searched and searched. :(
  • picked mine up at borders also. like a true PJ dork, made a trip just for that mag. couldn't even find a cd that held my interest.
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    yep just got mine, almost as a replacement for me, i had (still do rough condition) the guitar world mags with cover stories 93/95/98
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  • anyone catch teh phot errors "Vancouver 2006" If i remember correctly, i did not see Pearl Jam in Vancouver this year!!!! decent articles, decent tabs, but i've read better.

    BTW: I found it at Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada) so if you cant find it, search there.

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    Just picked this up at Borders, and even though reading it is keeping me from getting anything else done today, I'm really enjoying it. :)
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    Sorry to revive an OLD thread but does anyone have a copy they want to sell or a pdf of this issue? Pls PM me... Thx!
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