Diabetes alert dog

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Today, I lounged my campagne, to raise money to train my dog Timmie, as diabetes alert dog. In the Netherlands all assistent dogs are funded by the heath insurance, except the diabetes alert dog. The training cost about 12.000,- Euro's, an amount of money I don't have...
Due to my hypo-unawareness am I unable to work, so I'm living on welfare at the moment. As Timmie (my dog) gets his training I will be able to contribute to society once again.

While at the moment staying alive is a challenge on its own. I depend on my child to stay alive, but it is NOT his responsibility, and gives to much emotional presure on the shoulders of a boy of almost thirteen years old.

Therefor I hope some of you will help me to raise the money, by donating on the link below and share this message to all of your friends.

Thank you for your help!!!


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