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    hedonist said:
    I couldn't watch more than a minute.  I so love Sinead and her strong angelic voice; to see her (anyone, really) in such obvious pain...oh man.

    Seems she's struggled with many hurdles through her life.  I too hope she finds her own serenity.
    Hedo I found this to be painful also.  Hopefully someone can help her.
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    JC29856 said:
    JC29856 said:
    hedonist said:
    Backtrack all you like - though I appreciate your attempt at explaining - but consider that 23 is from Greece as shown, and isn't an asshole or lacking compassion; so, maybe...perhaps a small gap in language?  In any event, I did ask for clarification and was given your condescending response.
    Its unfortunate that you consider my explanation as backtracking, your certainly entitled to your opinion as are we all.
    yours is yours and mine won't take it's place

    As I stated I don't know the op so I wouldn't know where their from but it helps explaining. I make no assumptions about anyone nor do I do recon on who what where. I find it rather curious that you didn't offer the op is from Greece until now. Why not mention that in any of your previous replies?

    If you think that reply is a question that asks for clarification then I'll stick to my original recommendation.

    This is actually a good case study of the Google memo.
    I'm curious how you're drawing a parallel to the google memo?  
    well done! good question!
    I'll suggest you read the Google memo then read my explanation above, it may shed some light.
    I know yesterday is a bit foggy for you, but I did read the memo and highlighted where I thought the author was being whiney in the other thread. I have assumptions about why you're drawing a parallel to it in here, but I thought I'd ask first. Anyway, here they are: Hedonists reply was straightforward and respectful, but maybe saying you were being condescending offended you? The only connection to the memo I see is that both you and the author have difficulty hearing feedback from others, and interpret this as being shut down and sidelined. But as a fellow white guy, I know that the expectation is that we speak what's on our mind without needing to engage in dialogue or listen to what others think about it. The times they are a changing, though. Thankfully.  
    You use the word parallel, I used the phrase case study
    straightforward: uncomplicated and easy to do or understand.
    In real life I don't take offense to much. I'm a big wanye dyer fan, one of his rules is stop being offended. Its comes easy to me. I would argue that its rather difficult to be offended by strangers from online forums. Firstly, how can anyone know someone from an online forum? I don't pretend to know anyone on these forums. Secondly, if one doesn't care about anothers opinion of them then how can that person be offended? 
    I'm all about honest feedback, there is feedback in this thread (and others) and I responded to it. Im willing to have silly back and forth but I cant change what people think or believe and I don't try.
    Take for instance everyones favorite topic, pizzagate, jimmyv may believe that it centered on a sex ring from a pizzashop basement and thats fine, he has his reasons why he believes that. When I attempted to ask how and why he believes that, it went nowhere. Im not really sure what that was, but Im fairly certain thats what it wasnt. When I see a picture of a child with the hashtag chickenlover, Im not sure what that is but Im confident it isnt actually someone that loves chicken. Like the pizza related map, I dont know what it is but I know it isnt a pizza map on a handkerchief. If someone believes otherwise thats fine, they have their reasons.
    Here's the thing, whats the next best thing when you don't know or arent sure of something? IMO the next best is what it isnt. I tell kids all the time, I dont expect you to know what or who you want to be but I do expect you to know what or who you dont want to be.
    Heres another, in life, work, a project etc, start with what you know, work thru it and worry about what you dont know later, eventually it will come.

    I actually do care if or when I offend someone, as I said I apologize if I offended the op. Things were lost in translation, especially my thinking the second reply was snide. If I had known english isnt the first language, it would have made all the difference, but I didnt and it went from there.

    You or anyone else can think this is horseshit and that's fine.
    (And these questions can be re-phrased and asked about 90% of what you asked)
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    That's a lot of hair splitting and tangential jibber jabber. So how would this be a 'case study' of the google memo?
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    It's fine JC..
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    It's national suicide prevention week, look for the signs, spread the word.

    (And these questions can be re-phrased and asked about 90% of what you asked)
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