Pete Townshend brings Classic Quadrophenia to Rosemont Theatre Sept 13 with Eddie Vedder



  • chitownp76chitownp76 Posts: 1,025
    got em. upper level center $250per ticket
    Nice! I just went with one of the side balcony $100 pairs, couldn't rationalize spending more than that. Happy to be in the building.
    As am I. Its a smaller venue. Not really a bad seat in the house
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  • helplessdancerhelplessdancer Posts: 4,219
    thanks. i'm super happy and thanks for the password. i could have almost guessed it LOL
    it is a lot of money but this is truly a once in a lifetime event. i have seen every quad tour going back 20 years now
    quad still the greatest album of all time. IMO
    also with an orchestra and a choir for this!! can't wait !!
    a total surprise on this. venue is comfy+

  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,374
    All the venue presale tickets gone? Debated too long on a pit ticket and dont see anything pulling up on app/browser.
  • helplessdancerhelplessdancer Posts: 4,219
    tons of single tickets left in the lower level. some pairs as well but they start at $750 range
    lots of pairs to choose from in the $250 range(upper level)
    no pairs in the $100 range
    that's what i'm seeing but i'm done looking for now...just glad i don't have to battle the bots on friday

  • Password is REALME. Rosemont presale.
    I cant thank you enough for this!  Just got a pair of $100 seats that just popped up.
  • PJ-CubsPJ-Cubs Posts: 3,050
    I can't even pull a single now.
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 52,117
    PJ-Cubs said:
    I can't even pull a single now.
    Haven't tried for a single but can pull a pair ..

    Sec 103 $1000.00ea Row E, Seats 1-2

  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 52,117
    Ah, easy to pull a single.

    Sec 203 $100.00ea Row Q, Seats 9

  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 52,117
    Tempting ...

  • PJ-CubsPJ-Cubs Posts: 3,050
    demetrios said:
    Ah, easy to pull a single.

    Sec 203 $100.00ea Row Q, Seats 9

    Got it to work.  The internet was not cooperating at first.
  • given2fly23given2fly23 Evanston, ILPosts: 4,296
    First row balcony. Expensive but it's a great cause and we missed it last time.
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  • bbiggsbbiggs Posts: 1,492
    Sec 210 back a ways, but for $100 I'm in. 
  • JB23237JB23237 Posts: 1,202
    I have 2 in 208 row m for face
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  • cmaliszecmalisze Posts: 1,864
    anyone know the MB code?
  • hoyatonehoyatone Posts: 127
    Probably a long shot but if anyone has an extra single or pair in the $100 sections let me know.
  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,374
    cmalisze said:
    anyone know the MB code?
    Any mentions online are only showing the venue presale code.
  • sfrdudersfrduder Posts: 60
    Did anyone get a VIP package? Are these all the tickets in the 1500.00 range or was there something separate? 
  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,374
    $1500 is the VIP package, then seats drop to $1000 within a few rows from the stage on the side sections. 
  • jfoxballjfoxball Medina OhioPosts: 18
    Did anyone ever find a presale code-- still open today.
  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,374
    Seats in the $250-1,000 range are still available. Plenty of seats open.

  • cmaliszecmalisze Posts: 1,864
    The MB code anyone?
  • jfoxballjfoxball Medina OhioPosts: 18

    Thanks Tschav-- got me a single for $250-- center section 205 Row M-- not lets hope my work travel cooperates!!

  • PJDowPJDow Posts: 37
    This is very tempting....It is right beside the airport which is key to catching a flight there and making it back to work before 9am on Thursday...  Sounds like there will be a poster as well?
  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,374
    If it's anything like the 2015 show, there should be posters and shirts. Not PJ-level, but some basic merch like a poster and shirts should be there.
  • helplessdancerhelplessdancer Posts: 4,219
    PJDow said:
    This is very tempting....It is right beside the airport which is key to catching a flight there and making it back to work before 9am on Thursday...  Sounds like there will be a poster as well?
    indeed this is the great thing about this show/venue...same as the last time the who and ed did this
    it's very close to the airport. blue line train 1 stop gets u 2 rosemount stop and a short walk from there to the venue
    hotels all around the venue as it's soo close to the airport
    for sure a poster. not sure it will be a show specific one tho...but WHO knows 
  • PureandEasyPureandEasy Posts: 5,200
    My two favorite men together again. Wish I could make it this time, but I can't. Spent a lot on last Rosemont event, loved Chicago but just can't fork over the funds this time. Have fun to all who get to witness this gem. 
  • ed243421ed243421 Posts: 4,973
    Looking for an single if anyone has one
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  • cmaliszecmalisze Posts: 1,864
    If anyone knows the MB code, please share. 
  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,374
    edited July 2017
    ed243421 said:
    Looking for an single if anyone has one
    Plenty of singles left during the presale, and public onsale starts tomorrow.

    If you're looking for something under $250, and this time around it's similar to the 2015 show, there's a chance you'll see aftermarket prices below face value or a few $100 tickets closer to the show.
  • 3days3days Posts: 723
    I never realized what "Classic Quadrophenia" actually was before this event was announced. I thought they just meant that The Who's Quadrophenia was a classic, and that Pete Townshend would be performing it with guests, a choir, and some orchestration.

    So, I watched a few clips taken from RAH a couple of years ago. Wow! It was not what I expected at all. It's a really refreshing take on the genius, classic rock opera (emphasis on classic and opera). I'm excited to see a full performance of this! 
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