Let's get some Alice in Chains vinyl reissues going

jazzbo26jazzbo26 Framingham, MAPosts: 322
The MOV's were fantastic! How bout some vinyl love for Facelift and Self-titled? 1st pressing of Live? Maybe Sony starting to press vinyl again after a 30 year hiatus will get this going. The completest in me is starting to get the shakes!


  • dudemandudeman Posts: 1,269
    Absolutely! I only need a couple to complete the discography on vinyl. 

    At least AIC's CDs sound really good. I don't notice a drastic improvement with their records compared to some other bands. They had the CD format pretty well figured out by the time Dirt came out. 
    If hope can grow from dirt like me, it can be done. - EV
  • Merkin BallerMerkin Baller Posts: 2,610

    I would love to get the self titled on vinyl.

    I don't listen to AIC too much, but when I do, that's the album I typically reach for first. (I never got into the Duvall era - I've seen them live twice with him, but more for the nostalgia of the old songs)

  • jazzbo26jazzbo26 Framingham, MAPosts: 322
    Yeah I can't bring myself to spend $150+ on self titled and all the Facelift foreign presses are in the hundreds. I spent $120 on a pretty mint No Code like 5 years ago and just scored a sweet OG Ten recently for $100. That's about my max.
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