Outside Love

on my mind every single day
my first thought to my last
all I find, other things to say
my wish is to go forward and fast

I must commit that I can't commit
the ultimate crime against the soul
to release it before it's ready
some things just take their toll

a fake smile and
an unfeeling kiss
a short while and 
an unappealing bliss

outside love is nothing
when the inside is empty
just a shove into something
where never is plenty


  • chadwickchadwick up my assPosts: 21,152
    like it
    for poetry through the ceiling. ISBN: 1 4241 8840 7

    "Hear me, my chiefs!
    I am tired; my heart is
    sick and sad. From where
    the sun stands I will fight
    no more forever."

    Chief Joseph - Nez Perce
  • GummiBeerGummiBeer Newfoundland CanadaPosts: 189
    Very fitting for today
    Calgary 04-09-2005
    Edmonton 05-09-2005

    "A Thousand Ports of light For the Newfoundland...Theres a Kinder gentler American Band"...EV 25/09/05
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