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    Taking into account SG, AS and Chris' solo work...this is my favorite song...without a doubt!

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    Bummer of a day ... such a great artist ... been listening to SG and his works today ... been hard to listen through the darker themed songs in retrospect ... I thought he had made it through the dark days of his past ... a painful reminder to cherish life even when it kicks you in the gut

    Much love to you guys and gals.  Stay positive 
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    I'll never forget his performance at PJ20 and how awesome it sounded. Shivers to hear that live with PJ. And his description of Mike having the sickness in the film PJ20. That's how I'll remember him. And by his music of course. RIP. With condolences to Ed, Matt, Mike, Stone, Jeff and Boom. My thoughts are with you guys. Peace.
    I'll never forget him staring up at that ill-launched Chinese lantern that floated under the pavilion on night 2, just a ball of fire roaming around wooden beams with no fire protection ... A look on his face that said "I gotta keep singing but is this place gonna catch on fire?"
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    I don't know what to say except I can't believe it. I am so sorry for your loss. I know you all were so close. I just can't believe it.
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    So tragic and unbelievably sad.  Condolences to the Soundgarden family.  RIP Chris Cornell.

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    I struggled at university today and I can't focus on my essays. Shit day. Having the night off to listen to SG LOUD!
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    This is hard to watch....

    Adelaide 17/11/2009, Melbourne 20/11/2009, Sydney 22/11/2009, Melbourne (Big Day Out Festival) 24/01/2014
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    Adelaide 17/11/2009, Melbourne 20/11/2009, Sydney 22/11/2009, Melbourne (Big Day Out Festival) 24/01/2014
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    yeah. I think this looks good right here......

    toxicology report in a couple weeks........

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    you're finally here and I'm a mess................................................... nationwide arena columbus '10
    memories like fingerprints are slowly raising.................................... first niagara center buffalo '13
    another man ..... moved by sleight of hand...................................... joe louis arena detroit '14
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    Goddamn, that breaks my heart.

    I've yet to find a way to adequately express my grief.

    Bless Vicky's ability to do so...I cannot imagine her pain and that of their daughters.
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    I don't know that I have seen this. I had to have as I am a big Avett fan too.  Pretty amazing.
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    Yeesh, that statement before the song.

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    I've been fascinated by Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell since 1991.  Their public image, their music, their philanthropy have been a part of my life since I was a young man.  Having lost my father to heart failure when I was 14, these men became surrogate role models of sorts.  Their pain, anger, and humor have always touched me very personally.  To see that Chris has died in this fashion is devastating and very depressing.  He was evidently very depressed and had struggled with illicit and prescription drug use for a long time.  The most dangerous depressives are those that are functional and suicidal.  On May 17 & 18, Chris was apparently both of these.  Having experienced many years of clinical depression, I know first-hand how dangerous it is.  Mix that with some
    self-loathing and it's a formula for self-destruction.  Though I will always maintain a deep attachment to the music that flowed from Seattle in the early 1990s and has continued to flow from these bands, I know this type of anger and self-loathing is not healthy for anyone.

    You can't wallow in your own mire.  Do good things in the world.  If life isn't what you want, you have to try to change it.  One of the things I have always admired about Pearl Jam is their ability to step back and attempt to put things in perspective.  I hope they do that here.  If they never play another public note, it has been an illustrious career filled
    with many hints of a blueprint for how one can live a virtuous, meaningful life.  Take care of yourselves, boys.  Spend time with each other and honor Chris for the good person he was, and don't attempt to make sense of his illness because it does not make sense.
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    Chris your voice will be sorely missed rest easy. I'm so glad to have seen the band once and you were at your best that night in MD.

    THIS one goes out to you from my favorite album Grace Under Pressure by RUSH called .......AFTERIMAGE

    Peace rest in it.
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       So sad and numb over the loss of such an incredible talent and man

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    Angelbear said:
    There is something to be said about psychiatric medications, including those for Parkinson's Disease and such, which affect our neurotransmitters.  They can alter our thoughts in ways not intended by the meds, especially in those with mental health difficulties - I believe they can truly lead some individuals to perform actions they would normally not engage in under different circumstances.   I was prescribed a prescription for Neurontin to help reduce anxiety and help sleep.   It was a low dose and I took one pill.  The first time I took it I had crazy thoughts and fortunately still had the sense to call my husband who talked me down.   Doctors have no clue how each individual will react to medications.  For the most part, most individuals don't have a problem.  But those with hypersensitive systems can be taken for a ride.  So much of it includes our genetics, that modern medicine is just learning about.   I don't bring this up as an excuse, but to hope that others realize there are so many factors involved when an individual takes their own life - I don't feel it is fair to comment that someone was selfish in their thoughts or had a choice without knowing all of their history and genetics.   I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to deal with difficult thoughts on a daily basis and trying to find the right help to manage them -  I believe hormones play a big role.  There is not a simple solution to mental health issues - otherwise there would be fewer suicides, fewer homicides and less terrorism.  If a person was able to be rational during times of mental anguish, they would likely call someone for help - the fact that they don't or are unable to supports the fact that the individual is not capable of making rational decisions at that time.    I comment on this post today, because the passing of Chris Cornell brought back thoughts of Robin Williams.   I believe in both cases that incredibly talented individuals reacted unusually to medications that can have devastating consequences.   Sadly, we lost them both to efforts which were trying to help them stabilize their minds - the same minds that gave us such incredible entertainment and joy.   RIP.
    I know all the rules, but the rules don't know me
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    I still can't believe it, Just horrible. 
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    Chris said in the PJ20 movie that seattle lost its innocence when  Andy died. Well, for a generation of us that listened to everything  seattle, the loss of Chris is not just a loss of innocence, a piece of us is gone. Especially with the others we've lost way too soon. It's such a tragedy. I still can't believe this is true.
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