Next vault show doesn't have to be a US show

South Pacific 1995? Europe 1996?


  • cp3iversoncp3iverson Posts: 4,030
    I approve this.
    Europe 96 or Australia 98
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 14,822

    South Pacific 1995? Europe 1996?

    Both are great ideas!
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • derbydavederbydave Columbus, OHPosts: 10,551
    I'd be happy with anything from the No Code tour!!

    '96: Seattle: Key Arena
    '98: Seattle: Memorial Stadium 1 & 2
    '00: Columbus: Polaris
    '03: Columbus: Germain
    '10: Columbus: Nationwide Arena
    '11: East Troy: Alpine Valley - PJ20 1 & 2 + EV Detroit
    '12: Missoula + EV Jacksonville 1 & 2
    '13: Chicago / Pittsburgh / Buffalo / Seattle
    '14: Cincinnati / St. Louis / Tulsa / Lincoln / Memphis / Detroit / Moline
    '15: New York City - Global Citizen Festival
    '16: Greenville / Hampton / Raleigh / Columbia / Lexington / Ottawa / Toronto 1 & 2 / Wrigley 1 & 2
    '17: Brooklyn - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
    '18: London 1 & 2 / Seattle 1 & 2 / Missoula / Wrigley 1

  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 52,127
    Yes please!!! Switzerland '92? Melbourne '95? Berlin '96? Halifax '05?

  • dannydanny Posts: 1,947
    danny d
  • Copenhagen 2007!
    The man they call my enemy. I've seen his eyes, he looks just like me - A mirror...
  • Spiritual_ChaosSpiritual_Chaos Posts: 7,617
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    Stockholm 1992! (The show where Eddies notebooks got stolen)

    Really long set for the time. I bet it's not recorded though. But anyways.

    06/25/92 – Moderna Museet, Skeppsholmen: Stockholm, Sweden [110m]
    attendance: 1,500
    set: Driven to Tears, Throw Your Arms Around Me, Even Flow, Once, State of Love and Trust, Alive, Improv, Black, (Help Me Rhonda)/Deep, Jeremy, Why Go, Improv (The First Time), Porch
    enc 1: Suggestion/Garden
    enc 2: Leash, I’ve Got a Feeling/(Dolly Dagger)/(Three Little Birds)/Rockin’ in the Free World
    enc 3: Release, Footsteps

    notes: This show, originally scheduled for the Melody Club, was moved to this outdoor venue due to the current popularity of Ten. With no opening act, Ed and Mike took the stage to open with two acoustic songs. Ed is very chatty with the audience, beginning by saying, “Today it just feels good … a fast one or a slow one?” and playing the Police cover, ‘Driven to Tears.’ Then, ” … it’s a song about summer and outdoors” and playing the Hunters and Collectors tune, ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me.’ After the other PJ members take the stage, “Let’s just have fun tonight.” intro’s a ripping ‘Even Flow.’ Ed spies someone taping in the audience and remarks, “This guy’s making a tape recording … everybody be careful … don’t make too much noise. No keep it out. I like that idea. He’s OK. Let him tape the show, yeah … we wanna remember this, right?” A lot of stuff is being thrown on stage during this show. After ‘Once,’ Ed, being hit by a shoe, becomes angry, and holds the shoe up, and smiles, fills it with his beverage and drinks from it. Wiping the drops away from his mouth, he says, “I’m crazier than any of you fucks” (turning a stupid incident into something good). Then he says, “This song is called … what’s it called?” and he passes the mic out to the audience and some guy repeats, “I’m crazier than you” several times, and then “State of love and trust” which PJ plays next! Ed sings “Help me Rhonda. I’m in too deep,” as a lead-in to ‘Deep.’ PJ is upset that this show was for 18+ ages only and later Ed comments, “You know of this thing, Roskilde? We’re playing tomorrow. After this, I feel like saying ‘fuck it, let’s just play here again.’ This is the size! It’s outdoors … this is as big as it needs to get … next time it will be at this place, it will be all ages and it will be cheaper than it was today. This was bullshit and I don’t dare say that unless I plan to live up to it so we will live up to it. We’ll see you there then, OK?” ‘Release’ is played because they forgot to play it earlier and ‘Footsteps’ is started with the Temple of the Dog version (‘Times of Trouble’) lyrics and then Ed explains the origin of the song and they restart it.So sad that this very happy night was marred by some of the band’s personal items being stolen backstage as they played.

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    The man they call my enemy. I've seen his eyes, he looks just like me - A mirror...
  • jason_94jason_94 Toledo, OHPosts: 1,872
    Toronto 1996

    IMO a very underrated show.
    3/22/94 Cleveland, OH
    9/21/96 Toronto, ON
    8/26/98 Cleveland, OH
    5/09/10 Cleveland, OH
    9/03/11 East Troy, WI PJ20
    9/04/11 East Troy, WI PJ20
    7/19/13 Chicago, IL Wrigley Field
    10/11/13 Pittsburgh, PA
    10/12/13 Buffalo, NY
    12/06/13 Seattle, WA
    10/16/14 Detroit, MI
    10/17/14 Moline, IL
    8/20/16 Chicago, IL Wrigley Field
    8/22/16 Chicago, IL Wrigley Field
  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 10,284
    USA! USA! USA!
  • EchoesOnMarsEchoesOnMars Reading, Pennsylvania Posts: 422
    Cascais 96 Please
    Philadelphia 2013 (Night 1)
    Philadelphia 2016 (Night 2)
    Upper Darby 2016 (Night 2) (Temple of the Dog)

  • 23scidoo23scidoo Thessaloniki,GreecePosts: 11,193
    Amen..something from Europe 2007 would be sweet..
    Athens 2006. Dusseldorf 2007. Berlin 2009. Venice 2010. Amsterdam 1 2012. Amsterdam 1+2 2014. Buenos Aires 2015.
    Prague Krakow Berlin 2018.
    EV, Taormina 1+2 2017.
  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 14,822

    Cascais 96 Please

    those shows were amazing!
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • JbarkerJbarker Where Sarcasm is the capital city.Posts: 345
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    jason_94 said:

    Toronto 1996
    IMO a very underrated show.

    Great setlist!
  • Whatcha' cookin up @Santos L. Halper ?
  • After Randall's Island '96 gets put out, then a non US show is fine
  • pdalowskypdalowsky Doncaster,UKPosts: 13,432
    23scidoo said:

    Amen..something from Europe 2007 would be sweet..

    yes it would indeed, Wembley would be a dream - Best long road ive seen
  • wall232wall232 New YorkPosts: 1,048

    After Randall's Island '96 gets put out, then a non US show is fine

  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 52,127
    Zurich, Switzerland 1992 should totally be the next Vault release. There are many unofficial inferior vinyl bootlegs of this release. Wish they pressed this officially.
  • rw160510rw160510 Posts: 492
    pdalowsky said:

    23scidoo said:

    Amen..something from Europe 2007 would be sweet..

    yes it would indeed, Wembley would be a dream - Best long road ive seen
    I wholly endorse this point of view.
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